TMO is an Internet-based self-booking tool that enables travelers and travel arrangers to view live availability and fares and to book flights, car, hotels in accordance with their travel policy and preferred supplier parameters while providing companies with a managed online travel environment. With TMO, all corporate, net ,special and published fares are integrated into one system. Corporations can use TMO in its simplest form without travel policy or negotiated vendor agreements overlaid; Or it can be programmed with mandated policies and preferred vendors that enforce corporate requirements in their strictest form.
Efficient Corporate Travel Policy & Travel Management
TMO integrates multiple travel policies, configurable at the company level or at the sub-unit level, with the ability to direct these policies to individual users. It can also integrate supplier agreements. Global agreements may be configured at the company level, with national or regional agreements added at the sub-unit level. This allows companies to drive market share on preferred carriers and within specific markets, resulting not only in up-front savings from increasing preferred supplier usage and policy compliance, but greater discounts achieved in future negotiations.
A Simple and Intutive User Interface for Quicker Adoption Rates
TMO. features a simple & easy viewing GUI for travelers and arrangers to easily book travel arrangements online. The system directs travelers to preferred suppliers and insures travel policy compliant behavior. The user interface also provides extensive flight details, city maps helpful in hotel bookings as well as seat maps.
A Smart and Powerful Fare Quote Engine
TMO features fare quote engine that guarantees optimum pricing information, integrating all available pricing options, such as GDS fares (both public and negotiated), special and private fares.
Quality Controlled
Each reservation will be quality controlled through our Quality Assurance Process.
Preferred Hotels
TMO can be easily programmed to display only preferred properties to travelers as they seek hotel options in destination cities.
Advance Solutions
TMO is powered by Amadeus eTravel Management (AeTM). AeTM is part of Amadeus, one of the largest players in the global travel industry. Amadeus' unique blend of global strength and local expertise enables it, together with its travel management company partners, to deliver travel solutions that cover your needs through reliable cutting-edge technology.
Features and Benefits
  • Simple 5 Step Booking Process - Complete a reservation in a few easy clicks.
  • Comprehensive Trip Planning Options - Features include seat selections from "live" seat maps, integrated fare and availability displays and easy access to pre-established traveler preferences.
  • Corporations Realize Significant Cost Savings.
  • Compliance with Choice - Wide variety of choices, all in line with their company's travel policy. Maximizes compliance with corporate travel policies. Preferred Vendors - Highlights preferred suppliers to maximize negotiated rate programs and strengthen preferred supplier relationships.
  • Reduced transaction fees , increased use of preferred suppliers and greater policy enforcement.
  • Ease of Use is key to increasing adoption rates.
  • Strict or Flexible Enforcement Policy-Compliant Travel.
  • Corporation establishes specific policy compliance guidelines for the entire booking process.
  • Able to customize travel entitlement & guidelines within the company hierarchy, by department or functional level - even on a traveler-by-traveler basis.
  • Accessibility to Corporation's Preferred Rates/Discounts.
  • Searches for availability from over 70 supplier Web sites - Web and supplier-direct fares display side-by-side with GDS results on the traveler's desktop.
  • Every reservation will be quality controlled through our Quality Assurance Process.
  • Repeat Trip Function & Seat Maps.
  • Forward frequently traveled trips and share it with your colleagues.
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